Creativism: the brainy civilization is on the way!

Toward a Major Creative Revolution and High Intelligence Society

The creativism system is targeted to boost primarily the creativity and innovation instead the individual profit or the social egalitarian redistribution. The society stimulates and gives equal chances to develop human potential, to create and innovate. Poverty and undereducation are eradicated. People are living better and longer.

At birth we all have equal intelligence level. Our natural diversity, individual and social environment contribute to develop our intelligence and knowledge in a different way. As a result, we are all trained more in one area than in others and we have different matching points of view on life and the world. Therefore, everyone can be educated and participate in a complementary way to build the high intelligence society.

The Nature condemned Man to innovate. Since the primitive man who made the first great innovation in controlling the energy of fire, we progress through innovation. Today, we can even control the atom energy. If this man has been able to innovate why not you? Join us! Certainly, you have better potential than him! Many areas are open to innovation and waiting for the expression of your creativity!

Man has dreams and an irresistible desire to make them true. Icarus dreamed to fly like a bird, today we can fly higher and faster than birds. Today,  we wish a long and healthy life to the people we love. The immortality dream has haunted the man subconscience for many generations. It pushed us to acquire more knowledge and innovate up to the point to believe that it’s possible. Tomorrow, “immortality” will be a simple reality because we know the way to do it. Do you want to make your dreams a reality? Join us! Nothing is impossible for man! Let’s change the world together! 

Why you always have to ask for help, look for endowments, for volunteers or benefactors in order to be able to create an innovation, a medicine, a vaccine, a work of art etc.? What future does a society have that puts innovation in a beggar position? It’s the innovation, the fruit of human creativity, which brings progress and improves our future!
Creativism changes all that! Capital is put at the service of innovation and not the other way around.

Why it’s inevitable ?

Confirmed by human experience and the laws of nature.

An advanced ecology level

Sustainable use of environmental and human potential.

Education and Training

A key element to rise the intellectual level of the creative society.

Robotization & Automatization

For sustainable economy & workforce liberation

Innovation calls for a Millennium MAJOR INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION

The creativism is the new social, economic and political model that ensures the transition from “hand civilizations” to “brain civilizations”. It creates a stimulating society organisation for a massive expression of the creativity of the population in order to boost the innovative approaches and the creativism major industrial revolution. The new economy is sustainable, robotized and progress oriented. The workforce is liberated from repetitive work and oriented toward a creative activity. The generation of innovations and their applications in all areas (science, culture, technology etc.) accelerate.

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