Dear readers,
I am a scientist and an author of the creativism model.
Here you can find short info about me.

Creativism is the new social, economic and political model of society based on objective natural laws. It will replace capitalism and socialism defending subjective interests.

Creativism creates a new organization of society that optimizes and stimulates creativity, science and innovation as well as the capacity to implement their results.

The man :

  • Transformation of workers into creators
  • Flourishing living conditions for the population as a creative force
  • Evolution towards “Homo-Grandis”: quasi “immortal” and endowed with an increased intelligence.

The society :

  • Massive robotization and automatization
  • Strong sustainable economic growth
  • Dynamism of companies freed from constraints
  • Introduction of integral ecology (intellectual and environmental)
  • Flourishing conditions for education, culture and innovation
  • Shared knowledge and innovations
  • Life security and conquest of space

Dr. I’nov